Two Different Hardness Foams with Single Molding

This seat consists of two different hardness foams, but it is molded with single process.
It improves riding comfort and reduces tiredness of long drive.

DA Urethane Foam

We can control foam density by applying unique mixing and foaming technology.
The density around surface of DA Urethane Foam is lower than around center of it.
So its shape adjusts buttocks shape, and it has excellent body pressure distribution.
DA Urethane Foam
Conventional Foam
DA Urethane Foam is adopted to "Usukaru", and it can improve stability during transfer with wheelchair and prevent bedsore.
Compression test of foam :
Draw paralel line on the surface of a foam block, and compress. Conventional foam block is compressed mainly around center, but DA Urethane Foam block is compressed mainly around surface.
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